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Aqualung Look 2 Mask

CODE: 110060
PRICE: $139.00

Classic and elegant, put forward again the Look formula in a modern fashion with added technical features. The inclined-to-the-cheeks frame design produces a mask with an excellent view upwards and downwards. New colours matching with Technisub/AquaLung catalogue.

Previously up to $160.00!


Clear skirt: Black, Blue, and Coming soon Pink
Black skirt: Black, Blue,

Main features:

Two different mask skirts: Look 2 - this skirt has the same shape and dimensions as the hugely popular original LOOK mask.
Look 2 Midi - a skirt designed for smaller faces and for free diving, it fits like the Micromask skirt.  


  • Double lens, 3 mm tempered glass
  • Pure silicon mask skirt
  • Twin button seeger release system
  • Cardanic joint buckles (double joint buckles) rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out
  • Quick counterposed push button activation is easy to use even when wearing gloves
  • Wide headpiece on silicone strap provides stability and comfort
  • Weight: 185 gr (classic) 180 gr (midi)

Corrective Lenses Available

Lenses available in -1.0 to -10.5 diopters in 0.5 increments and +1.0 to +3.0 Bi-Focal lenses in 0.5 increments.

-1.0 to -4.0 diopters $90.00 per lens

-4.5 to -6.5 diopters $100.00 per lens

-7.0 to -9.5 diopters $125.00 per lens

-10.0 to -10.5 diopters $150.00 per lens

+ 1.0 to +3.0 diopters $115.00 per lens

(Includes delivery from Australia and assembly).

(Lenses are imported specifically for you and take approximately 7 days to arrive)

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