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Course Payments

Dive Centre Scuba Review Private Session $150 Full Payment

PRICE: $150.00

Want to get back into diving?

If you are a certified diver and haven't been in the water for some time, it is advisable to do a Scuba Review Session before getting back in the water.

PADI Pool Briefing - 2 AcrossDepending on how long it has been and what experience you had before the break, you may need a Review Session after as little as six months. If it has been more than five years since you have dived, you should probably re-sit the open water course again, but it depends again, on your experience levels.

What is a Scuba Review?

These sessions are run in the pool only and we run over everything from equipment assembly and pre-dive safety checks, to buoyancy and out of air procedures. Also with plenty of time to swim around this will make you a lot more comfortable on your first dive back in the ocean!

When can I do the session?

This is for a private Scuba Review for when you wish (as long as an Instructor is available). We will work with you to shcedule a time that suits. This will typically run for 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

PADI Gear Assembly - 2 Across

How much does it cost?

It costs $150pp for a private Scuba Review Session.

What are the prerequisites?

The only prerequisite is that you must have proof of your certification and complete a medical questionaire. 

Dive Centre Ltd_Medical_Form

Everyone doing a dive course needs to complete a medical questionaire and we recommend doing that before booking onto the course!

If the answer to any question is yes, then you have to get it signed off by a Doctor. (If if the answer to all questions is 'No", you don't need to go to the Doctor at all - You can just sign the completed form and hand it in to us at the start of your course). If you need to, you can go to your normal family Doctor, but if you have any issues like a history of Asthma, Heart Condition, Insulin dependent diabetes, major ear or sinus problems, you should go to a Doctor with "training in fitness for diving medical assessments". 

There is a list of Diving Doctors on the "Introduction page".

Phone us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now and get back into diving... with confidence!




Or if you prefer to join one of our course groups in a pool session, the cost is $90pp.

These group sessions run on the first Saturday morning of any "Weekend Course" from 11.30am - approx 2pm or the second evening of any "Evening Course" from 6.30pm - to approx. 9.00pm.

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