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Course Payments

Dive Centre Open Water Course $150 Deposit Only

PRICE: $150.00

PLEASE call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now for space and availability on the dates you wish to attend before completing the online payment of your course fees!

Paying for the course online before contacting us risks the course being full and you not being able to attend your first choice of dates!

Accepting payment online does not constitute an agreement to confirm your spot on a particular course date - PLEASE contact us first to make sure we have space before proceeding to the shopping cart.

Call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now.

Why learn to dive with Dive Centre?

  • NZ's highest quality dive courses.
  • Most flexible schedule of Scuba Diving courses to choose from - Weekend, Evening, Daytime and Private.
  • All PADI manuals and the full set of Open Water DVD's are yours to keep. Or you can choose the brand new "PADI Open Water Diver Touch" App for your Apple iPad and learn in a truly interactive way! (Android Tablet App coming soon!)
  • We've trained more divers over the last 40 years than any other shop in New Zealand, we are the longest running shop in NZ, and there is a reason we are now teaching 3rd generations of families to dive!
  • You don't even have to get wet! You can learn to dive warm & dry in one of our snuggly warm drysuits!
  • You get to do all four dives in the sea at the amazing Goat Island Marine Reserve & Leigh Coast, off one of our two 6 metre inflatables - 
    NO difficult shore diving, NO diving at a "local dive site" with nothing to see, and NO diving in Lake Pupuke EVER!

You only learn to dive once - make sure you do the most fun, professional and safe course available.

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Come alive, learn to dive - with Dive Centre!

New Zealand has more divers per head of population than any other country in the world, and this great sport is still increasing in popularity. With so much coastline and so many beautiful diving spots (for U/W Photography, just looking or hunting!), it's no wonder that so many New Zealanders are getting into diving! We hope this information answers any questions you have - if not, please call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now - we are here to help!

What's involved?PADI Divers and Nautilus - 2 Across

Getting into diving has never been easier or more fun than with Dive Centre and our Open Water Dive Course!

You will complete 5 pool and theory sessions with us, and this will make you comfortable, confident, and ready to complete your four open water dives in the sea at the end of your course!

Once your pool dives have been completed (in a huge indoor 28C heated pool), you will head north to Goat Island Marine Reserve where there's fantastic safe diving with heaps of fish and huge crays like nowhere else in NZ! A marine reserve since 1975 (NZ's first!), this is a fantastic place for your first four open water dives.

You will do "at least" four dives in the sea with us, but if you need more experience before being certified, you are able to complete as many dives as it takes for us, and for you to be happy in the water; all at no extra cost! We promise to make sure you are comfortable underwater, then as a confident certified Open Water Diver, you can come diving with us whenever you want!

We not only have the best Instructors and equipment, but the biggest shop in New Zealand as well!

When are the classes held?

Many other dive companies try and rush you through your course as fast as they can, and run the course the cheapest way they can! This will never happen with us! We will make this commitment to you, "We will spend as much time with you as it takes to make you comfortable underwater!"

  • Weekend schedules are available for those that are too busy mid-week. This option enables you to complete the whole course and your four open water dives over just two weekends.
  • Daytime classes run Mon and Tues doing all your pool and theory sessions, and your four dives in the sea take place on Wed & Thurs - allowing you to complete all of your training in just four days.
  • Evening courses are only run during summer and are held Monday (Theory) and Wednesday (Pool) evenings each week over three weeks starting at 6:30pm and finishing around 9:30-10.00pm. Your two days of diving are completed on two Saturdays.

You can click here to see our full schedule.

If your schedule is especially busy, executive private courses can be scheduled around you!

PADI Pool Briefing - 2 AcrossHow much does it cost?

The price for our course is $599pp, whether you choose a daytime, weekend or evening course. For groups of three or more, we provide a reduced rate of $550pp.

The most popular way to book onto our course however is to purchase one of our "Personal Dive Equipment" systems; when you purchase one of these, you get the course for free! (See details below).

If you want to stay "really" warm you can learn to dive without even getting wet - just upgrade into one of our warm snuggly Drysuits! (only $100 for all pool and ocean dives!)

However, if you already own Mask, Fins, Snorkel & Boots, want to buy new personal snorkelling gear (from top-of-the-line at around $550 - down to a complete set for only $179!), or if you prefer to hire this gear for the whole course it's only $100 - we cover all the options!

If you're planning an overseas holiday then you can choose to do the Referral Open Water program for only $350pp and then complete your four open water dives at any PADI resort in the world! If you have started the course overseas, and want to finish your four openwater dives here, it costs NZD$350 each including certification and equipment hire!

If you would prefer a privately scheduled one-on-one course, the cost is $1500 - or $1200pp for two or more.


If you want to start right now, you can sign up for PADI eLearning! It is more expensive to do it this way, but you can finish all the theory sessions online before you come to us for your pool and sea dives! This costs AUD$140 that you pay to PADI directly online but we reduce your course costs by $100 if you sign up to elearning. 

If you want to start learning to dive right now, click the image below to register and start your course right now!


What's Included?

Every person gets their own Open Water Crew Pack, which includes the Open Water Manual, full PADI Open Water DVD set (most shops don't include this, and if they do, they make you give it back!), Dive Log Book and lots of other information. If you choose the new Open Water Touch App for your iPad you just come and book onto the course in the shop as usual and we will tell you how to download the App once you've booked on. If you choose eLearning you don't need to pick up a crew pack, it's all online waiting for you to start right now! (But you still need to book onto the course dates you want with us)!

We also supply your one-piece semi dry wetsuit, regulator (with dive computer), buoyancy compensation device (BCD), cylinders, and pocket weight-belt for all pool and sea dives during your course.

You can also dive in comfort all year round with our "Dive Dry" option and use a drysuit for your course for only $100!

Also included are the boat fees for our 6 metre inflatable boats for your two days' diving in the sea up on the Leigh Coast/Goat Island Marine Reserve! Remember - we will NEVER EVER force you to dive in Lake Pupuke! YUCK!!

Once you have completed your training, you will receive a Dive Centre Graduation Pack including your PADI International Certification Card and wall certificate. You will also receive special discounts on hire gear for the first 12 months but also because you are a "Dive Centre Diver", we will give you a 10% discount for life! Whenever you need anything, no matter how big or small, you will get at least 10% off all your equipment purchases!

PADI Turtle & Divers - 2 AcrossWhat do I need to supply?

All you need to bring is your togs, towel, and your personal snorkelling equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, and boots) and a completed Dive Centre Ltd_Medical_Form

Everyone doing a dive course needs to complete a medical questionaire and we recommend doing that before booking onto the course!

If the answer to any question is yes, then you have to get it signed off by a Doctor. (If if the answer to all questions is 'No", you don't need to go to the Doctor at all - You can just sign the completed form and hand it in to us at the start of your course). If you need to, you can go to your normal family Doctor, but if you have any issues like a history of Asthma, Heart Condition, Insulin dependent diabetes, major ear or sinus problems, you should go to a Doctor with "training in fitness for diving medical assessments". 

There is a list of Diving Doctors on the "Introduction page".

For comfort and hygiene reasons, most people prefer to use their own equipment. If you would like the piece-of mind and comfort of your own gear, we can help. Because we are family owned and NZ's largest dive equipment retailer, we only offer equipment you can trust!

Just ask about our special packages, check out the amazing PDE specials below - or you can hire mask, snorkel, fins and boots for $100 if you prefer.

How well do I have to swim?

You will need to show that you can tread water for ten minutes and swim 200 metres in the pool.

PADI Squid and Scooter 1 - 2 AcrossHow often do courses start?

With Weekend, Evening, and Daytime options, we start several courses every month! Our full schedule is available here and if none of them suit, you can mix and match parts of the course as well! If none suit, please give us a call to organise a one-on-one private course.

Why choose Dive Centre?

Our experienced team are dedicated to ensuring you have the ultimate scuba experience. We are the longest running diving company & the most trusted dive professionals in New Zealand, and we make sure you have fun while learning to dive!

Once you've finished your course we offer dive trips up to 7 days per week so you can get out and discover all that our underwater world has to offer!

You only learn to dive once, so come and see why we have introduced more people to diving than any other company in New Zealand!

Come Alive - Learn to Dive... with Dive Centre!

Just call us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now!

Get your full Dive Centre Openwater Course paid for, by someone else!

Dive Centre and Aqualung are making it even easier for you to get into this great sport.

Just buy one of these Personal Dive Equipment (P.D.E.) systems and Aqualung will pay for your course! That's right, purchase either of these systems, and you can choose which ever course you want to do from our normal schedule. This is not a different type of course, a cut down version, or a special set of dates, you just get to buy all this equipment and NZ's most popular dive course for one amazing low price!

WARNING! Other companies are trying to copy this system with cheap, lower end product for the same price (or even slightly more than our PDE systems)!

NO-ONE can offer better gear, better value, or teach you to dive like we can! 

Phone us on (09) 444 7698 or email us now and get into diving... EASILY!

SolaFx SmallAqualung SolaFX PDE System

Aqualung SolaFX 8/7mm Hyperstretch Semi Dry One-piece Wetsuit with built in hood, Aqualung Aleutian Kevlar Gloves, Echo 5mm Boots, Aqualung Express Fins, Aqualung Look 2 Mask & Aquilion Snorkel

All for $1399.00 Incl. GST



Aquaflex Small

Aqualung Aquaflex PDE System

Aqualung Aquaflex 7mm One-piece, Aqualung 5mm Semi Dry Hood, Aqualung Kai Amara Gloves, Echo 5mm Boots, Aqualung Caravelle Fins, Aqualung Look 2 Mask & Aquilion Snorkel

All for $1199.00 Incl. GST


OPEN WATER COURSE - Evening, Weekend or Daytime schedules available!

December Courses are now all FULL.




W-4-18 - Sat 21, Sun 22, Sat 28, Sun 29 - Full


W-5-18 - Sat 12 Sun 13, Sat 19, Sun 20 - Full


W-6-18 - Sat 9, Sun 10, Sat 16, Sun 17


W-7-18 - Sat 7, Sun 8, Sat 14, Sun 15


W-8-18 - Sat 4, Sun 5, Sat 11, Sun 12


W-10-18 - Sat 6, Sun 7, Sat 13, Sun 14


W-11A-18 - Sat 3, Sun 4, Sat 10, Sun 11

W-11B-18- Sat 17, Sun 18, Sat 24, Sun 25


W-12A-18 - Sat 1, Sun 2, Sat 8, Sun 9

W-12B-18 - Sat 8, Sun 9, Sat 15, Sun 16



Click here to check out our Open Water Course!

Daytime Courses: Monday & Tuesday (Pool/Theory) 9:00am till approx. 3-4:00pm - Wednesday & Thursday (Two Sea dives each day) 7:00am till approx. 3-4:00pm

Dates in "normal text" are Pool & Theory - Dates in "Bold Underlined" are Sea Dives (2 dives each day).




D-12A-17 - Mon 4, Tues 5, Wed 6, Thurs 7

D-12B-17 - Mon 11, Tues 12, Wed 13, Thurs 14



D-1A-18 - Mon 8, Tues 9, Wed 10, Thurs 11

D-1B-18 - Mon 22, Tues 23, Wed 24, Thurs 25


D-2-18 - Mon 12, Tues 13, Wed 14, Thurs 15


D-3-18 - Mon 19, Tues 20, Wed 21, Thurs 22


D-4-18- Mon 16, Tue 17, Wed 18, Thurs 19


D-5-18 - Mon 14, Tues 15, Wed 16, Thurs 17


D-6-18 - Mon 18, Tues 19, Wed 20, Thurs 21


D-7-18 - Mon 9, Tues 10, Wed 11, Thurs 12


D-10-18 - Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3, Thurs 4


D-11-18 - Mon 12, Tues 13, Wed 14, Thurs 15


D-12-18 - Mon 10, Tues 11, Wed 12, Thurs 13



Evening Courses: Mon evenings (Theory) 6:30pm-8:00pm Wed evenings (Pool) 6:30pm-9:30pm - Each Saturday (Two Sea dives each day) 7:00am till approx. 3-5:00pm

Dates in "normal text" are Pool & Theory - Dates in "Bold Underlined" are Sea Dives (2 dives each day).




E-12-17 Mon 4, Wed 6, Fri 8, Mon 11, Wed 13, Fri 15, Sat 16, Sun 17


E-12-18 Mon 3, Wed 5, Fri 7, Mon 10, Wed 12, Fri 14, Sat 15, Sun 16


All details, prices and availability are subject to change - All rights reserved Dive Centre Ltd 1972-2018