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Aqualung Dimension I3 BCD

CODE: 308401
PRICE: $839.00

An Aqualung first! The Dimension i3 is a back inflation BC with an integrated i3 inflation / deflation system. Loaded with features, this innovative buoyancy compensator is built with high quality materials keeping both comfort and style in mind.

Click here for a video on the I3 Inflator System.

Click here for a video on the new Wrapture Harness System!

Weight: Small 3.2kg - Medium 3.4kg - Medium Large 3.5kg, Large 3.6kg - X Large 3.8kg

*Picture shown with optional knife - Not included

By placing the air cell behind them, the diver is more streamlined

The integrated i3 control system provides a single touch control for both inflation and deflation

Flat e-valves are very streamlined and effective. One-way design keeps water out

The multiple dump feature means that when you depress the i3 lever, all of the flat e-valves open at once! No more reaching for the wrong valve

Custom backpack is thin to keep cylinder close to your center of gravity and efficiently distributes the cylinder weight

The Wrapture  Harness System works in conjunction with the shoulder swivel buckles (patented) to prevent ride-up and supports the weight pockets

The patented SureLock™ II weight system provides a simple, single pull release. Loading is as simple as insert and "click"

Pull down oral inflator is easy to deploy and stow

A strong retractor band is used to pull in the sides of the bladder while deflating

An adjustable chest strap can be raised and lowered on a rail system

HP and MP hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimizing drag

Available to Order - Estimated 5-7 day delivery.




158 - 173

54 - 70

69 - 106

94 - 114



173 - 177

68 - 75

84 - 114

101 - 122


Medium Large

177 - 182

73 - 86

89 - 120

106 - 127



182 - 189

81 - 95

96 - 127

111 - 132


X Large

189 - 198

88 - 109

104 - 134

116 - 137


How to Size your BCD.

Men are measured at waistline (widest part of waist), rather than normal beltline.

Waist size in men is normally measured by placing the measuring tape around the waist, cresting the pelvic bone. This measurement is not accurate for BC fitting.

The waist size in men should be measured at the height of the belly button just above the pelvic bone. Women's waist size is always measured just above the pelvic bone.

This same measurement applies for BC fitting.

Over The Shoulder (OTS) measurement is taken by placing the measuring tape across either the right or left shoulder and reading the distance between the top of the waist line on the back to the top of the waist line in the front.

Again, for this measurement in men the waistline is taken to be at the height of the belly button. When fitting the customer in their respective waist size and OTS range, inquire what thickness of wetsuit the BC is most likely to be worn with. Calculate about a 5cm allowance for the waist measurements for thick, cold water suits.

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