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Rubber Ducky Sunscreen Spf44 8 Hour-100ml Squeeze Pack

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This product used to be called "Block & Tackle Sunscreen".

This is exactly the same product just in a new branded bottle.

Our Instructors are out on the boats all the time - this is the only sunblock that protects them all day with one application!

This is the seriously the best Sunscreen we've ever found!

Up to 8 Hours Waterproof!!

Finally back in stock and ready to protect you and the whole family.

Handy Travel friendly 100ml squeeze pack.

UVA/UVB broad spectrum waterblock, water-based, unfragranced, paba free, paraben free, oil free.

Original 8 hour waterproof formula.

A well-balanced, broad spectrum protection, and it works exceptionally well for people with fair or sensitive skin.

An SPF44 sunscreen cuts out 97% of sunburn-causing UVB rays, as well as protects against skin-aging UVA rays.

It is the leading choice among athletes, lifeguards and Watersports enthusiasts around the world.

Rubber Ducky is the most successfully tested sunscreen in the industry. Our sunscreen has been put through the following tests all resulting in an SPF 50 or higher rating.

Water Resistance Test Protocol

Conducted by AMA Testing Labs, a respected globally recognized testing facility in New York, the specifications of this test were created to be tougher than the FDA test. The specific goal has been to measure performance of a sunscreen in the water, and to rate its performance against “static” performance, meaning simply applying sunscreen, waiting a few minutes and measuring SPF performance.

RIPT (Skin Irritation) Test Protocol

AMA Labs, who have conducted Clinical Trials on our products since 1991, completed the RIPT testing and rated the product as ZERO, the highest quality rating obtainable. The test is conducted on 50 human test subjects over a period of weeks. Subjects are exposed to 9 different “risk” situations which would likely cause skin irritation. This means there are 450 opportunities for irritation to occur. Zero rating means that no subject, in any of the 9 environments developed any skin irritation.

This test results confirm that the product is safe for all skin types, even people who can be sensitive to topically applied product. Sunscreen is generally recommended for use on children 6 months and older, and is considered to be safe on all adults—even seniors who may have skin issues—when there is a Zero rating on RIPT.

Test Results

Test Results are downloadable, and distributors, sales force groups, retailers and physicians have express permission to re-print and display in place of business.

About the Company:

An Introduction by Steve and Lisha Finley, Founders of SolRx.

Our entry into the business is indicative of the character of the company. In creating our first product, a sunburn relief cream, the goal was to come up with something that would outperform Solarcaine, which was then the industry leader with maybe 90% market share. In meeting with formulations people, the question arose: “How much do you want this to cost and how much do you want to sell it for"? Our answer was: “Let’s create the most effective product we know how to make and let’s make sure it’s significantly better than “brand x” so much so that people will go out of their way to find it when they need their second container. Then we will worry about the pricing.”

We began in 1981 with the introduction of Burn-Off. A Texas company, we immediately challenged and out-sold Solarcaine. We were the first ever to create and market aerosol aloe, and we were responsible for making popular the “green” and “blue” aloe products every sunscreen company makes today. Moving to sunscreens, we were the first company in history to go above SPF #15, 20, 25, 30, and 40. In1984, years ahead of competition, we were the first drug company in the U.S. to go completely paba-free with formulations. In the mid-1980’s, we were the first to create a true waterproof system. Having sold sunscreen formulations to Johnson & Johnson, technology-wise in this category we were five to six years ahead of all major pharmaceutical makers in the industry.

In 1990, we launched the nation’s first “sports dedicated” sunscreens. During the ensuing years, we added multiple brand names to our original Saurus Pro Sport, now called SolRx, and signed a license with the Ironman® Triathlon organization to make sunscreen under that name, and following that, a global license with Nissan Xterra® to produce the Xterra® brand sunscreen. We also made Block & Tackle®, Golf®, and Slopes® brands. (We also obtained the Rubber Ducky® trademark to make Rubber Ducky® children’s sunblock.)

Having further developed our highly waterproof technology, we contacted AMA Testing Labs in 1991 and asked them to create a true eight-hour waterproof test that would exceed any standards the FDA might set if they had such a test. The test was created and we submitted our SPF #30. It went through at SPF #35.83. What was more phenomenal was that at the beginning of the test, it rated the same, making it the first and only formulation ever to go through a waterproof test with 100% function and zero wash-off. Initially the owner of AMA Labs thought they must have made an error, so they re-ran the tests and achieved the same results on different people. Our waterproof technology is still far ahead of all other sunscreen manufacturers and all of our sunscreen products since those initial tests have passed the same standard of testing with similar results: virtually the same SPF measurements before and after the tests!

Our new spray-on sunscreen was introduced in April, 2007, and quickly sold out. Spray-Dry SPF #35 also went through the AMA Labs eight-hour waterproof test, achieving an SPF rating of 35 after eight hours, six hours of which were in the water.

New in the spring of 2009, a SolRx zinc sunscreen was created. We had stayed away from that for years because zinc was pasty feeling and left either a white color or white sheen on the skin. We learned about a micronized processing of zinc that resulted in a raw material with little white coloration. Together with a low concentration formulation of our chemical sunscreens in combination with our Waterblock® waterproof system, this produced a clear zinc sunscreen we are confident is the best in the business. In 2008 it went through the eight-hour waterproof test and wowed the test panel and ourselves, coming in as SPF #40!

An Overview of SolRx and SolarexMD products

Solrx has manufactured the finest sunscreens in the World for over 25 years.

 There are no sunscreens like SolRx and SolarexMD on the market today that are as effective in protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. We make products that protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays and rate 100% effective after eight Hours in and out of the water, as tested by AMA Laboratories, NY.

Solrx has been proven time and time again to stand out above the rest. Our products have been extensively field tested in the USA, Rocky Mountains, California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, The Caribbean, South America, throughout Europe, The Himalayas, Bali, Mentawaiis, Fiji, New Zealand, Antarctica, Afghanistan & Iraq. Some users of our products include The U.S. Military, World Class Professional Triathletes, Professional Surfers, The Hawaiian Waikiki Lifeguards, The Bondi Lifeguards of Australia, and many other professionals.
What’s NOT in Solrx Sunscreen products?
  • Titanium Free which, in some instances, have been known to be absorbed into the body through the skin.
  • Nano-Particles which have been known to enter the body through your skin.
  • No Petrolatums or Mineral Oils. These have been known to dry out your skin.
  • Oil Free -- they are Water or Aloe Based, Non-Greasy Light Lotions that go on Clear.
  • Non-Irritating to the skin. (Tested by AMA Laboratories, NY)
  • NO Animal Testing
Make-up can go over our products and THEY DO NOT SWEAT INTO YOUR EYES.

Feel the Difference for yourself...

Steve Finley,

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